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Plasma Cutting Systems Rental Program

Our rental program helps you capture work you may currently be losing due to delivery times or lack of production capabilities while limiting the initial cost of investment. Remove the backlog keeping your company from growing, adjust scheduling for rush orders and react to changes more quickly. 

Benefits of Renting

  • ROI tracking by examining monthly production against monthly rental cost. If a trend develops where rent is not justified you can return the machine.

  • ROI Proof Statement. Renting is a great way to test the benefits of ownership without the cash commitment. Prove you need the machine don't just think it.

  • Financing Options. Obtain equipment without financing.

  • Leadtime Schedule Dependency. You control scheduling when you have the equipment in house. 

  • Tax Benefits. Renting may be considered an operational expense, provided buyout cost is not defined.

  • Preserve your line of credit. Month-to-month rental is treated different than term lease or rent to own. 

  • Protection against fluid economic conditions beyond your control.

  • Self-Funding. The rental payment is made because of revenue generated by increased productivity and better margins by eliminating outsourcing and capturing third party profits.

  • No Repair Cost. Our factory handles repair cost and standard maintenance not due to accident or self-modification i.e. forklift damage to gantry, modifying factory wiring etc.


CERT Machines dedicates itself to finding the best fit for your company and all of your cutting needs. 

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