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Plasma Cutting Systems for Educational Institutions

There has been plenty of talk about STEM classes and a call for renewed emphasis on them. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and they are the bedrock of what we do here. Without STEM classes, there would be no cars, buildings, or computers, and the world would be a much different place. The importance of STEM in the wide world can’t be understated as these disciplines continue to change the world we live in. CERT Machines believes in education and helping learning institutions get the tools they need to further the STEM curriculum.

We are proud to offer products and services to educational institutions like trade schools, tech programs, and universities. The machines that we manufacture have a valuable place in the world of technology and manufacturing, and mastering one will lead to a bright future. We know how to walk schools through the grant process to get funding for the right plasma cutting system for their program. Machines like the Trident and Razor are ideal for learning how to operate a plasma cutting system. They are user-friendly and not over complex—important things for beginners. Don’t let the ease of use fool you, though; they are still precision machines that can create detailed work. As students learn, they transition from being apprentices to skilled journeymen, and then teaching the next generation. 

Trident 4x8 w_powermax (1).JPG

This dedication to furthering education and making sure the next generation of machinists has the tools it needs is what drives CERT Machines. As the world continues to turn away from the sciences and engineering skilled machinists become rarer, helping educational institutions secure funding to stock their technology department is vital to keeping the sciences moving forward and changing the world. The team here is committed to helping the cause so technology lives on and continues to evolve. 

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