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Lobera, meaning wolf slayer, borrows its name from a sword of power and virtue given to one who will do great and swift work. The Lobera plasma cutting machine proves itself time and again through its intricacy of cuts and longevity of life while continually performing at the peak of quality and a speed unparalleled by other machines. The Lobera plasma cutting machine is our most versatile and rugged machine. To handle the larger cut dimensions, greater station count, beveling, and higher accelerations needed for higher-throughput manufacturing, its motors, gearboxes, posts, gantry, deck, and rack are all more robust than the Tizona. Running on T90/B elevator rail, solidly mounted to posts anchored into your concrete floor, it can run at speeds of 3000 inches per minute with 200 mG acceleration for maintaining torch speed through corners. Bosch® motors and drives and Neugart® gearboxes interface to M2 helical rack in both X and Y axes for smooth, extended-wear motion. Fully enclosed track protects cables from splatter and abrasion. Hypertherm® HPRXD and XPR plasma torches and power supplies provide bolt ready TrueHole®, rapid cutting, and LongLife® consumables deliver more consistent cut quality over a longer period than other systems on the market reducing the cost per part. The Lobera plasma cutting machine for sale has changed the game. See the specs below.


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