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Trident CNC Plasma Table for Sale

A sword of strength, versatility, and quality created the inspiration for our entry-level CNC plasma table. The Trident CNC plasma table is a three-prong solution to spark creativity and learning as well as offering a quality product to withstand the test of time while being a cost-effective option. This single plasma machine brings worry free operation, an easy to use LinuxCNC® based interface and high-quality components. The Trident CNC plasma table for sale is our entry-level production machine. This versatile machine is ideal for increasing through-put and decreasing production cost. It is the unit of choice for learning institutions and manufacturing companies looking for an economical entry point with a fast ROI. Running on integrated linear bearings, it can move at speeds of 600 inches per minute. 400 oz-in stepper motors and 4:1 planetary gearboxes interface to 16 DP helical rack in X and Y axes and a lead screw-based lifter in Z for precise and reliable motion. Hypertherm® Powermax® plasma torches and power supplies eliminate the need for specialty gases, while piercing up to 1 inch material. See specs below.


  • Construction: unitized welded

  • Cut Sizes: 4 X 4, 4 x 8, 5 x 10 feet

  • Water Table only

  • Plasmas: Hypertherm Powermax, 45 to 125 Amp

  • Drives: realtime, ethernet-linked drive box

  • Traverse: 600 ipm

  • Motors: 400 oz-in

  • Gearboxes: planetary 4:1

  • Linear Guides X and Y axis

  • Rack: 16 DP, 3/4″ helical

  • CNC: linuxCNC on fanless embedded PC, with FPGA-based I/O

  • PowerTrack: enclosed on X and Y

  • Optional Laser crosshair pierce locator

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