Named after an intricately detailed sword of strength, honed, and sharpened through branded fire, the Tizona sets itself apart in the accuracy, speed, and details of its work. Our mid-sized, industrial-level machine, shares its drives and CNC with the Cutlass, but adds a deck and floor-mounted posts that are lighter versions of the Lobera‘s. These provide the stability and width needed to add a second torch station and the deck-space required for an oxyfuel torch. Like the Lobera, Tizona runs on T90/B elevator rail attached by welded posts to your concrete floor. It runs at speeds of 1200 inches per minute* with 60 mG acceleration for maintaining torch speed through corners. Bosch® motors and drives and 10:1 gearboxes interface to 16 DP helical rack in both X and Y axes for precise, reliable motion. A heavier carriage and lifter assembly on a stronger crossbeam support using any Hypertherm® torch or supply, including HPR XD and XPR series systems. Hypertherm® XPRXD and XPR plasma torches and power supplies provide bolt ready TrueHole®, rapid cutting, and LongLife® consumables deliver more consistent cut quality over a longer period than other systems on the market reducing the cost per part. See specs below.


  • Stations: single or dual

  • Construction: T90/B elevator rail on floor-mounted posts

  • Cut Sizes: 4, 6, 8, and 10 feet width. extended lengths.

  • Tables: standalone adjustable-level water or downdraft, new or customer-supplied

  • Torches:

* During machine burn-in, we run the Cutlass and Tizona drives at 2400 ipm, with 200 mG acceleration. The motors remain cool and the drives report a 30% load factor during acceleration/deceleration. However, we reduce the machine speeds and accelerations prior to delivery for safety and enhanced longevity.

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