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Razor Plasma Cutting Tables for Sale

The Razor plasma cutting table, just like the sword from which it gets its name, borrows the best qualities of other machines in our lineup. This hybrid is the largest of our entry level machines making it powerful enough to complete big jobs but designed for high-quality entry-level jobs. The Razor shares its CNC with the Trident, and its frame, rails, trucks, and beam with the Cutlass. The frame allows for water table adjustment or a down draft table for aluminum cutting applications. Running on integrated linear bearings, it can move at speeds of 1200 inches per minute. 620 oz-in servo motors and 4:1 planetary gearboxes interface to 16 DP helical rack in X and Y axes and a ballscrew-based lifter in Z for precise and reliable motion. Hypertherm® Powermax® plasma torches and power supplies eliminate the need for specialty gases, while piercing up to 1 inch material. See specs of the Razor plasma cutting table for sale below.


  • Construction: unitized welded

  • Cut Sizes: 4 x 8, 5 x 10, and 6 x 12 feet

  • Tables: downdraft, dual-chambered water

  • Torches: Hypertherm Powermax, 45 to 125 Amp

  • Drives: realtime, ethernet-linked drive box

  • Traverse: 600 ipm

  • Motors: 400 oz-in

  • Gearboxes: planetary 4:1

  • Linear Guides X and Y

  • Rack: 16 DP, 3/4″ helical

  • CNC: linuxCNC on fanless embedded PC, with FPGA-based I/O

  • Track: enclosed on X and Y

  • Laser crosshair pierce locator

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