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Cutlass CNC Cutting Tables for Sale 

The Cutlass CNC cutting table derives its name from the sailor’s weapon of choice. This machine is excellent for smaller footprints with a need for higher productions and shares with its naval namesake a robust yet simplistic design. The versatility of this machine is shown through its speed and ability to handle small to large cutting jobs. The Cutlass CNC cutting table shares its unitized welded table, rails, trucks, and beam with the Razor, but shares its drives and CNC with the Tizona. It runs at speeds of 1200 inches per minute* with 60 mG acceleration for maintaining torch speed through corners. Bosch® motors and drives and 10:1 gearboxes interface to 16 DP helical rack in both X and Y axes for precise, reliable motion. A heavier carriage and lifter assembly on a stronger crossbeam than the Trident support using any Hypertherm® torch or supply, including HPRXD and XPR series systems. Hypertherm® HPRXD and XPR plasma torches and power supplies provide bolt ready TureHole®, rapid cutting, and LongLife® consumables deliver more consistent cut quality over a longer period than other systems on the market reducing the cost per part. The Cutlass CNC cutting table for sale can handle any job. See the specs below.



* During machine burn-in, we run the Cutlass and Tizona drives at 2400 ipm, with 200 mG acceleration. The motors remain cool and the drives report a 30% load factor during acceleration/deceleration. However, we reduce the machine speeds and accelerations prior to delivery for safety and enhanced longevity.

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